Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sunsilk Real FM by Anurag Basu

I attended “Exclusive Screening of Sunsilk Real FM by Anurag Basu”  during  IndiBlogger Meet in New Delhi on March 21, 2014 and sharing my review.
Must Watch Sunsilk Real FM on 23rd March 2014 at 7:00pm only on MTV. 

Mr. Anurag Basu presents Sunsilk Real FM film inspired by the spirit of SunSilk girls which represents the confident girls of today who scripts her own story. This movie has been directed by Mr. Akarsh Khurana under banner of Ishna Movies Pvt Ltd.  This film is played in a FM station around 3 female protagonists who one day accidentally gets a chance to run a FM station and they do not have any experience of running it and how they pull it off.

The story is related to Reema, the protagonist is a 22 yr old girl and her friends. Reema’s Dad runs a radio station, suffers a heart attack because employees were resigning due to financial crisis. In this situation, Reema and her friends takes her father’s dropping business upon herself to turn things well again. In the wake of an emergency, coupled with a dwindling radio station, she takes it upon herself to turn things around. Along with her two friends she not only saves the station, but also brings about a strong change in the programming of the radio station on Independence Day, the girls breathes a new life and energy into it by putting quirky and innovative content on air. They instantly created national theme on National Independence Day for live broadcast in air. Finally they achieve their goal and scrip their own story with a great tension and fun. Her Dad, who experiences the great work put in by his daughter and her friends for saving of radio station, was more proud.
This inspirational movie has a combination of real life story, tragedy, team spirit, innovation, comedy and fun. It also brings to you music from all states of India in its truest sense. There are so many funny jokes make you laughter during serious scene also. There are so many emotional and funny dialogues like “Bhaiya jee apne bahano ke liye ek kaam karoge naa” , “Main hun Reema aur aaj ki special subah main hi bajaungi aapki”, “ Kab tak Dar ke bhagte rahogi.. bas ek bar hum sab ke liye try to karke dekh yaar”, which touch your emotion in own way.

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