Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I Love you, you and only you : One sight Love Letter

Dedicated to my first sight dream Love.
HI Dear !!!
              I saw you first time and I became your one sight lover. I know love is not happen in this way but I also know it's my true love and my first sight love. I don't realize , why I like you even I don't know about yourself. I try a lot to forget you and don’t think about you but my heart cry and don’t allow for same. Yes, I can say I have fall in love with you, you and only you.

I liked your way of smiling. I liked your simplicity. I liked your beauty. I liked your behavior. I liked your innocence. I liked your shyness. I liked your eyes. I liked your voice. I liked the way you walk. I liked the way you talk. I liked you, you and only you.

There might be many girls who are better than you but I know that I have never seen any girl who is comparable with you and I’m sure no one will be like you. I like you. I’ll like you forever.  I Love you.  I’ll love you forever.  You are my sweet dream. You are like my dream which I have seen from long times. You are my dream which I’ll see forever and I will see you, you and only you.

My thinking, my activities, my works, my study, my enjoyment, my dreams, everything related to me is now focused on you. I don’t know why it’s happen but its feeling give me a new passion to live long in your love and  to be dedicated to you, you and only you.

I Love you and I don’t force you that you also like me or you also think about me. I’m sure I’m not expecting the same for me because I respect you and your family. I don’t expect your love because I also know that I’m not that lucky guy who get his love.  It was my problem that I liked you. It’s my problem that I love you. It'll be my problem that I'll love you. It’s all about me.  I decide to love you forever without sharing my feeling but my heart want to show  that you are so special for me and I Love you, you and only you. 

      I Love you ! I LOVE you !! I LOVE YOU !!!

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