Thursday, July 25, 2013

Beliefs vs Thoughts.

A person is a part of lottery after investing hundreds or thousand of rupees.
He pray at least i would get my invested money as prize at least.
by luck, He won a million and he is very glad to know that he is winner of such a amount. When he went to claim the prize, if lottery company told him for a few certain amount will be charged for taxes and the left amount would be credited to him. He know the whole amount is as a part of winning prize but after hearing the same he start a lots of thinking, "They promised me of a million, and here they are deducting such a large amount". His past beliefs made him reacting angry and give a new thoughts he say You are cheating.

Suppose a student, who wakes up early in the morning and starting a planning "Today I have to submit my project in the college, I have to reach the college on time, and a lots of activity after project submission including go to cafeteria, resta, enjoyment , etc. Suddenly someone tells him, ‘Today College is closed due to any holiday!’ After hearing this, how whole planning and beliefs is changed without taking any moment and all his earlier thoughts are completely replaced with new thoughts and plan related to new beliefs. Everything changed at the same.

                               In the same way when we realized the fact something planned by us is going in a wrong way and there is no need for a worthless worried that what will be after a certain event, and what will be after a specific period , we feel better planned and relaxed that every thing is going in a scheduled way and have a good thoughts now. We are able to see all the possibilities in present. Then ,neither does past exist, nor the future. The same would let us give a thoughts beyond the beliefs.   who is neither panic nor crazy. And finally it's what we are.

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