Monday, August 20, 2012

Is Friendship a game?

In starting of this month we celebrated Friendship day, A day which is dedicated to friends. So this small post is all about a relation of trust which is “Friendship” based on my personal feeling. 

              As I listen, today’s love is a game but there is a very difficult question in our busy life “Is friendship a game?”. Hope someone can say how nonsense question, but after realizing a fact everyone may have differ answer.

In our history there are lots of great story of friendship but sometime it’s look like only a imagination of writers. I’m not claiming on any books or story of friendship but it’s a feeling of today’s life..

                  I have a story of a friendship in which misunderstanding played a vital role and as a result one had no any effect but another one tried a lots to know the internal reason behind misunderstanding. And after that he thought “Friendship is a game in which someone can involve and play with emotions”. 

             But in these situation I have remember a nice line by a nice one “Never show your emotions to everyone so that everyone can play with them and make a joke on you”.
Finally it’s time to my opinion, Friendship is not a game and no one has right to make it game. Necessity is to know the meaning of Friendship and understand the word trust, believe faith and honesty.

   But just think on it  “Is Friendship a game?”

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