Monday, August 20, 2012

Is Friendship a game?

In starting of this month we celebrated Friendship day, A day which is dedicated to friends. So this small post is all about a relation of trust which is “Friendship” based on my personal feeling. 

              As I listen, today’s love is a game but there is a very difficult question in our busy life “Is friendship a game?”. Hope someone can say how nonsense question, but after realizing a fact everyone may have differ answer.

In our history there are lots of great story of friendship but sometime it’s look like only a imagination of writers. I’m not claiming on any books or story of friendship but it’s a feeling of today’s life..

                  I have a story of a friendship in which misunderstanding played a vital role and as a result one had no any effect but another one tried a lots to know the internal reason behind misunderstanding. And after that he thought “Friendship is a game in which someone can involve and play with emotions”. 

             But in these situation I have remember a nice line by a nice one “Never show your emotions to everyone so that everyone can play with them and make a joke on you”.
Finally it’s time to my opinion, Friendship is not a game and no one has right to make it game. Necessity is to know the meaning of Friendship and understand the word trust, believe faith and honesty.

   But just think on it  “Is Friendship a game?”

Monday, July 2, 2012

Painful Remembrances

“Difference between today and ‘2 July 2010’ is 2 years.”

No matter how long time passed. Remembrance of someone is always remembrance.

 Nothing to say about this painful remembrances. “
                        "We are missing you Gyan Jee."

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A short story about finding happiness.

There was a person named Mr. Aditya. His wife was going to her mother’s place first time after marriage. She thought to buy some new jewellery,because she wanted to get a new look. She told to her husband Mr. Aditya for a gold necklace.” Mr. Aditya replied, “Try to understand.I don’t have much money." His wife said “I have two gold bangles.Please exchange it with a gold necklace."

Aditya went to a jewellery for that purpose.The shop kipper said, “It is impossible to exchange two bangles with gold neckless. You have to pay more money also”. Aditya was in very tension. The shopkipper showed him some artificial necklaces that was looking like gold and suggested for it. Mr. Aditya had no choice so he agreed to buy artificial jewellery. In cheapest price he bought it. He told the reality to his wife, “It’s an artificial necklace. Please take it. I shall buy you a original gold in the future.”Her wife accepted.

She went to her parents’ home with wearing a artificial necklace. However, there she told everyone that the necklace is real gold. When Her sister-in-law (her brother’s wife) saw the necklace then she fell in love with it. Now she demanded a gold necklace from her husband also. The husband had not enough money to buy it.But his wife was so unhappy for it.
So he went to a jewellers.He toldtheir problems. The Shopkipper said him, now days artificial jewelry is in fashion, why don’t you buy it. Due to shortage of money,he also bought a artificial necklace, which was quite similar in appearance. He brought it home and said to his wife,it is artificial but you will be look like queen. The wife agreed.
One day Mr. Aditya’s wife went for a bath leaving her necklace on the dressing table. That time her sister-in-law exchanged the necklace with her own. She was very happy to think that "Now I have a original gold necklace”.

Another day Mr. Aditya's wife got an opportunity and she too exchanged the necklace because she had thought that her sister-in-law had a original. She was also very happy to think that now she had a gold necklace.
But we know , both of them has artificial jewellery. But Each one thought, “I have a real gold necklace". And both were very happy. They wasted their whole lives for getting their some false happiness. Because both had not the real fact.
We are feling how foolish they were. But o my dear!!! the entire lives of many people end with trying to get such false happiness. They never find out what is real happiness. We can see that type of people all around are completely involved in this kind of false happiness. But the real happiness, which is permanent, is always within us. It is not necessary to exchange it from other or something else because we have genuine happiness. It is necessary to just find it and belive our self that we have something new that's why we can find happiness through our self.