Sunday, October 2, 2011

Secret of Happiness.

This is very spiritual time for us due to Shardiye Navratra. Today we are worshiping of Maa Katyaayani. Suddenly I was interested to writing something related to me, you and Happiness.

Lord Krishna has said In Bhagavad Gita , I come to solve your all problem, firstly come to me. You will find complete peace. You will find complete happiness.
In Ramacharitamanasa, Tulsidas jee also said that if you find pleasure , just get back to Lord Ram. Then you have happiness forever. There is no range of pleasures forever.
In Durga saptsati, Markandey jee also said to worship Maa Durga to get real peace and happiness.
In fact there are no matters which god we worship and in which we believe. But matter is to finding the complete happiness and complete peace to solve our all problem in the life. 
As our parent take care about us and fulfill all our requirement according to our necessity, in the same way god fulfill our requirements.
In reality our parent and the parent of our parent is God forever. But some one says where god is. We can’t see god then how to worship God.

Yes,may be he is right but following fact would be the right answer for them : We all know water is combination of Hydrogen and Oxygen. But can we see Oxygen and Hydrogen in water? But we can prove it in Lab. In the same way we know God is every where and forever but our eyes are unable to see. We have not “Divya Drishti” to see or search the God. There are so many facts and reality has been found today to prove it, but there is no need to prove it here.
We all know that God has made us. But due to our busy schedule of life we are forgetting him without thinking it about real pleasure. .
Where are we finding happiness, in our foods, in our dresses, listen to music, in good job, or any place that will get us happiness and lots? Think beyond this. : Where is happiness and complete peace?
We enjoy with favorite foods, dresses, and with lots things. After some time, We don’t like our favorite foods also when it is too enough. After some time, our mind also gets bored with favorite dress which we like and we choose another dress. We also bored with favorite musics and movies. After some time we try to change our job also and just think about many things like it.
But I didn’t listen that in real worship of God we feel boring. Try to connect our mind with spirituality of God. Then we find new fun and enjoy every moment that will never end. Long term peaces will be continue.
According to Ramayana, a crowd of people gathered to see Lord Rama , where he moved. Why? Bcoz. Their beauty was not limited to humans. It was god’s beauty.
The longer you try to think about God, we see the shining in their beauty and increasing their beauty . In fact we are not able to see from our eyes but we can feel it forever.
As his name is great, his stories are great, discussion about him is great, then what are we thinking in our mind? There is no anything hidden about god if we believe and want to know about him.
If Once he come in our heart, they never leave us. Keep him in our heart with pleasure. Just arrange our some time to devotion . Then there are know need to worry for complete happiness and peace for mind.
Jai Mata Di. Jai Sri Krishna, Jai Sri Ram.


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  2. दुर्गा नवमी की ढेरों बधाई स्वीकारें!

  3. aapko bhee maa durga ka dheron aashirvad mile.
    jai mata di


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